24 January 2008

The 'Loophole' Discussion

Private transactions of legal goods, subject to government intervention and approval of your commercial exchange.

On its face it doesn't sound pretty. Sounds Orwelian. It is a reality in a only a handful of states. But to hear anti self-defense politicians and shrill demonstrators trying to sell their version of reality, it is a tsunami of "common sense" that has somehow escaped the Old Dominion. Today, it is the root of a contentious argument in Virginia's state capital, Richmond. Below are editorials and a letter-to-the-editor regarding the battle over the so-called "gun show loophole." So far, the victim disarament/close-the-loophole crowd is not faring too well. Thus, the push in the media attempting to win over public opinion with statements that are . . . well, questionable in their accuracy.

Anti editorial from the Daily-Press
Anti editorial from the Virginian-Pilot
Anti column from the Richmond Times-Dispatch
LTE in Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Note: The columnist from the Times-Dispatch asked the following: "And why should unlicensed gun dealers have liberties that licensed gun dealers don't?"

Answer -- Because the young lady who comes in to sell the rifle that was her Daddy's, and who perhaps carries a concealed handgun for personal protection on the mean streets of Richmond, is not an unlicensed gun dealer. In fact, she is not a dealer at all.

She is a private citizen, selling an item privately in a transaction that is no different than selling a used car herself, or selling an old chain saw she doesn't need. She is NOT a dealer. She does NOT make her living buying and selling firearms. As such, to call her a "dealer" is intellectually dishonest.

Quit playing word games. You don't do it very well.

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