24 January 2008

Somewhere, Teddy Roosevelt Is Smiling

The U.S. Border Patrol is returning to the use of horses to help secure the border. While the transportation of choice this past decade has been 4x4 SUVs, horses have been part of the Border Patrol since the agency was founded to secure the United States borders against liquor smugglers and unlawful immigrants in the 1920s, and now they are making a comeback.

"Agents dressed in leather chaps and broad-brimmed hats are increasingly being used to regain control over the most rugged areas of the southwest frontier with Mexico and now on the northern border with Canada. 'Most of the traffic is being pushed into these mountainous areas which are harder to work. They are very remote,' said Bobbi Schad, a horse patrol supervisor from Tucson. 'With a horse you can get up in there.'"

A great read.

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