26 January 2008

Massachusetts Proposes Law To Ban Ownership Of More Than 15 Firearms

The arsenal permit proposal resurfaces.

"Yep. Even if you successfully jumped through the financial and bureaucratic hoops required to get a License to Carry a Firearm (LTC) in Massachusetts, it would be against the law for you to have more than 15 firearms in your possession at any given time.

"Unless, of course, you applied for, and were issued, a state license to 'sell, rent or lease firearms, rifles, shotguns or machine guns.' Apparently, as soon as the state gets another $100 out of you (and forces you to navigate a second round on the feel-good, do-nothing licensing obstacle course), your gun collection would magically cease being a threat to THE CHILDREN(tm) of Massachusetts . Can't you just hear the crime rate falling?"

Massbackwards has the full story.

I sent a note with my best wishes to Massachusetts activists, hoping that they are successful in shooting down this irrational proposal. For it if gains a foothold there, we will see it exported for introduction in statehouses across the nation. We've seen it proposed in my parts, but never introduced for consideration.

Of course, its supporters will say its . . . yes, let's say it altogether . . . "for the children."

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