24 January 2008

'Gun Crime' Rises In So-Called 'Gunless UK'

"Politicians have reacted with alarm to the news firearms offences have risen by four per cent. The rise is set against a generally stable level of crime overall. Provisional statistics show gun crime rose by four per cent in the year to September 2007. Despite this the number of fatalities fell from 55 to 49, including high-profile cases such as the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool. Serious injuries from firearms fell by 16 percent. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said violent, and in particular gun crime, is 'still far higher' than ten years ago. Mr Huhne challanged the government to do more: 'Police should be devoting more time to stop- and-searches for knives and guns.'"

Random stops and searches??? Wow.

Okay, where to start. First off, the ministers told the populace that if they did away with gun ownership, crime would go away. Then the ministers passed gun bans and forced our British cousins to turn in their guns. Well, at least the law abiding English did. Which left guns in the hands of who . . . .?

. . . yes, that's right Ministers, you can say it. It won't hurt much. Your actions left guns in the hands of criminals and left your law abiding citizens virtually defenseless.

And so-called "gun crime" continues to rise. The unintended -- but not unexpected -- consequences of gun control.

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