31 January 2008

McCain Continues To Slam Business; Business and Others Are Becoming Annoyed

A number of people are getting tired of John McCain's unceasing attacks on business. His line about service to your country being found in "patriotism, not for profit" is wearing thin. National Review this week took him to task for continually brow-beating private industry.

Here's my advice to Candidate McCain: Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Private industry is what pays the taxes that enable you to pay for your government initiatives.

  • Private industry is what creates jobs (though the government seems to be doing a good job of boosting employment in its own ranks) . . . that's sarcasm folks, not an "attaboy" for government growth.

  • Private industry leads innovation, not government.
Mark Steyn, who penned the NRO piece, asks the following: "If greed is to be punishable, why doesn't he start with a pilot program applied to, say, the United States Senate and report back to us in five years how that's going?"

You da man, Mark!

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