26 January 2008

Early Machine Gun: The 'Puckle' Gun

Updated Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, 3:31 pm -- Sebastian over at Snowflakes In Hell has commented on the same story at his site with the following: "It’s interesting, because we constantly hear 'The founding fathers could never have imagined something like an Uzi.' It’s becoming more and more likely that they indeed could have imagined it." I concur.

Clayton Cramer has been doing some research on the "Puckle Gun."

Not something that fired at lightening speed, but in the 1700s there is evidence that one inventor tested fired a Puckle Gun, firing nine rounds a minute -- a big improvement over muskets of the day.

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Unknown said...

From another source on the Puckle Gun - In March, 1722 the Daily Courant carried an advertisement for 'Several sizes in Brass and Iron of Mr. Puckle's Machine or Gun, called a Defence....at the Workshop thereof, in White-Cross-Alley, Middle Moorfields'. At the end of the same month the London Journal reported that at a demonstration of one of the guns 'one Man discharged it 63 times in seven Minutes, though all the while Raining; and that it throws off either one large or sixteen Musquet Balls at every discharge with very great Force'
63 rounds in seven minutes would have meant changing the 9 round cylinder block 7 times - quite an impressive rate of fire for 1720