29 January 2008

Atlanta Self Defense Shooting By Wheelchair-Bound Man Illustrates Need For Tort Reform

Yet another reason why "No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine" legislation is so sorely needed in the Buckeye State.

"A homeowner who is confined to a wheelchair shot and wounded a man who confronted him on his door step, Atlanta police told 11Alive News."

He had no ability to retreat, regardless of his "duty." If he lived in Ohio, the homeowner would likely be sued by his attacker in civil court for defending himself, even if police and prosecutors determine the wheelchair-bound homeowner's actions were justified.

Pure idiocy.

NOTE: There is a hearing on SB184 tomorrow (Wednesday) before the Ohio Senate Committe on the Judiciary - Criminal, starting at 10 am on this very subect. Proponent and opponent testimony will be heard.

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