29 January 2008

House Passes Stimulus Plan; Senate May Slow It Down

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 12:52 am -- This news story from the Politico about illegal aliens receiving "rebates" will piss off conservatives, to be sure.

By a 10-1 margin, the U.S. House of Representaties passed the so-called economic stimulus plan that will enable me to get some of MY money back to buy a new toy. But the Senate plans to muck it up, potenially adding more benefits, er, uh . . . refunds to Americans who overpaid their taxes (since the government clearly doesn't need it).

So I may not get my shopping money after all. If the Senate doesn't pass the House version, President Bush says he's pulling out the veto pen. But then, if they muck it up, the Senate WOULD be upholding my philosophy of "gridlock is good." Meaning, if Congress is quibbling, they aren't diminishing American rights.

Let them quibble. I'll just have to sell an additional property or two to make up what the government isn't going to send me . . . er, uh, the rebate they are mailing, or . . . the gratious refunding of my own hard earned dollars. God my brain hurts.


Anonymous said...

I might be confused on this, but I heard on the news it is actually a prebate, meaning it's money they will owe us next year. So if we get it now it might be mo money, but next year it will be no money! Am I wrong on this?

Brent Greer said...

My understanding is that it is totally independent of any tax refunds, this year or next. Unless I'm wrong, it is money coming back to you to spend and help the economy, so they say. My opinion is if they have it to give back, they never should have collected it in the first place.