29 January 2008

Boston Anti-Gun Blogger Puts Herself In The Non-Profit 'Safety' Business

Sebastian over at Snowflakes In Hell notes that one of the few anti-gun bloggers, Nancy Robinson, is setting up a not-for-profit coalition in Boston to "track sources of illegal guns and learn how they end up in the hands of teenagers and criminals." She is best known for whining to the New York Times that "progressive" politicians and grassroots organizers weren't paying attention to gun control.

There is some bad grammar in the news story, published in the Boston Globe. Frankly, I'm not clear whether she is the executive director, or whether her teenage son has been given the post, but I digress . . . Sebastian has some solid insight as to why Ms. Robinson's efforts are misguided.
Personally, I would suggest that contributors to the group, as well as pro self defense activists in the area, keep a close eye on "Citizens For Safety's" finances. Here in Ohio, it was discovered that an executive director of a similar "coalition" is really a one-woman show who grabs a lot of headlines.

. . . And pockets a lot of dough from giant anti-gun foundations. For the children.

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