24 January 2008

Guns Give Meaning To 'Protection'

"Colorado Springs deserves an award. In three consecutive months, private citizens have taken responsibility to stop violent crime in its tracks, shooting five violent predators. They’ve sent a powerful message to criminals everywhere, and it goes like this: There’s no easy prey in Colorado Springs."

From the Colorado Springs Gazette. Jeff Soyer at Alphecca predicts this is an editorial you may NEVER see reprinted anywhere else, particularly the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

Quote from article: "Buckler told Fountain police he crept down the hall and saw two men wearing masks, gloves and hats. He returned to his bedroom and retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun — arguably the world's most practical home defense weapon. Buckler returned to the living room to find one of the men trying to steal a TV. Buckler shot the man, who then fled through a doorway.

Buckler saw another intruder coming up the stairs. He shot him, and the man ran back downstairs and escaped through a basement window. Both men checked themselves into Memorial Hospital, which contacted police."

Wow - makes one worry about stopping power. Both of these guys shot with a 12ga. and both ran away and checked into a hospital?!?

Glad nobody innocent was hurt, but yikes!