26 January 2008

'Indoctrinate U' Filmmakers Schedule New Screenings

Next Tuesday, the "Indoctrinate U" campus tour kicks off at Duke University in North Carolina and Louisiana State University (Shreveport). The Duke screening has also just been opened to the public.

If you have not seen this independent film, which showcases the incredible lack of diversity of thought and speech on today's college campus, you really should find a way to screen it. I had planned to see it during a special screening in Cleveland late last year but scheduling problems on my end prevented the trip. But I have been in touch via email with a handful of people who have seen the movie. They say it is awesome, and eye-opening, especially for anyone who doesn't know what is happening on today's U.S. college campuses.

Here is the current schedule of screenings:

- Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Duke University (Durham, N.C.)
- Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Louisiana State University (Shreveport, La.)
- Wed, Feb 13th -- 07:00PM -- San Diego State University (San Diego, Calif.)
- Mon, Feb 18th -- 07:00PM -- Ottawa, Ontario (non-campus)
- Mon, Feb 25th -- 07:00PM -- Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington, Ind.)

There are a number of additional screenings in the works, although the producers of the film will not announce dates until all details are finalized.

The latest information is available on the Screenings page of the Indoctrinate U website.

More recently I have had the screening at the Indiana University law school on my calendar, but I am just reading that the event is open ONLY to faculty, staff and students. Hmmm . . . If I sign up for an online course at IU, would that make me a student?

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