23 April 2008

ABC News And Grande' Errors of Fact

Like I have said so many times before, you used to get fired for commiting a serious error of fact. These days, however, commiting a whopper gets you nothing but ratings.

Consider ABC News' latest gaffe. Confederate Yankee gives us the straight skinny on Brian Ross' hit piece on the Second Amendment. Mr. Ross accuses that all important American birthright for somehow being responsible for killings committed by Mexican drug lords.

Did you get that? It was not about criminal use of a legal product. But an American Constitutional right -- words on a 200+ year-old parchment -- causing murder and mayhem south of the border. Insanity!

From the ABC report:

"The drug cartels' weapons of choice include variants of the AK-47, .50-caliber sniper rifles and a Belgian-made pistol called the 'cop killer' or 'mata policia' because of its ability to pierce a bulletproof vest.

"It's in high demand by your violent drug cartels, their assassins in Mexico," said Newell of the ATF. The gun can fire a high-powered round used in a rifle. "

Okay. First off, does anyone else out there know that an arrow, fired from a bow, can pierce a bullet resistant vest? That virtually any firearms round, at the correct angle, will pierce such a vest? Basic physics. Even the least competent ballistics expert knows this. Does Mr. Ross know there is NO SUCH THING as a bulletproof vest? Never has been!

Idiocy. Laziness. Stupidity. Or flat out, unmasked bias?

If they only had a brain.

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