23 April 2008

Obama And His Troubling Anti-Self Defense Past

David Hardy, an attorney and scholar who writes Arms and the Law, notes that Mr. Obama can say all he want about his belief in the Second Amendment (Hillary Clinton can, too), but that doesn't erase his fingerprints being all over a number of overtly anti-gun initiatives over the years.

His time as a director with the Joyce Foundation, which has literally pumped millions of dollars into anti gun organizations, is of particularly concern. Frankly, to not distance yourself from an organization that is intellectually dishonest (the Foundation "bought up" editions of certain law reviews, then cited the anti-gun "placed articles" in their later Heller amici as independent thought) shows a lack of something . . . of character, for one thing.

Its all probably yet another strong reason why the junior senator from Illinois did not do better in the Keystone State against Mrs. Clinton. But then, it's too easy to blame it all on white male voters, right?

Of course, Tam over at The View From The Porch views it all differently, and more succinctly: "Imagine that . . . Obama's "Insult the Voters" tactic backfired massively, as bitter cousin-marriers turned out for Hill-Rod, who is trying on her War Face in a manner to please Gunnery Sergeant Hartman."


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