22 April 2008

Florida Chamber Of Commerce Is Suing Over Commuter Self Defense Law

"The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Federation today filed suit against the Attorney General of Florida in an effort to block a controversial new law that allows employees with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns to work even if their employers have a ban on weapons."

Hmmm . . . let's see. Businesses say they fear for the safety of employees and customers. So what were they doing before the law to SAFEGUARD the safety of employees and customers?

Nothing perhaps? Yes, those video cameras will definitely keep suicidal mass murderers out of your building. That's sarcasm again, folks. I'm not an attorney, but I would really like to see the legal theory supporting this argument.

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Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer, and I support the gist of the law (didn't read it), but it's not hard to argue against the law (I swear I didn't look at the Chamber of Commerce arguments first).

Propery rights are viewed as a sacred bundle of sticks that go back hundreds and hundreds of years, at least as far back as the invention of the gun, and way pre-dating the formation of this country. Any government action (law) that intrudes on this bundle of sticks will be met with fierce resistance - look at all the brouhaha about eminent domain!

No matter how well-intentioned the law might be with respect to self-defense, it is an intrusion into the property rights of business owners to FORCE them to accept employees with guns onto their property - even leaving them in the car. On my property, I should be able to exclude anyone I want, for any reason, whether or not you agree with my reason. A property-rights view would say bring your gun in your car all you want, but you can't park it on my property with a gun inside.

It even implicates employment law - employment-at-will is also a sacred right of business owners in most states - now they are forced to accept employees with guns in their cars? Under this law can a business owner fire an employee for bringing a gun to work - I assume not. An erosion of business-owners' rights.

This law is another intrusion into the free-market. If enough employees determined to CCW change jobs, the market will take care of things - anti-gun business owners will get unarmed employees, business owners that are ambivalent or pro-gun will get the CCW employees. If there's enough CCW employees, even anti-gun employers will begin to figure it's not worth losing the best employees, and maybe they'll shift their position.

So, just because your personal views happen to align with the lawmakers (pro-gun-carry), you are applauding the governmental regulation of business-owners, eroding their long-held rights. Hypocritical much?

Ok, having said that - it's a good law, and I agree with it's intention. Imagining myself a business owner in Florida, I might be against the law forcing me to do anything, although I would allow my CCW employees to carry (on their person, even, not just their car).

You asked for it... ;)

A, Esq.