23 April 2008

Stupid Statement Of The Day

Over at Say Uncle, Uncle posted a note that he is no longer patronizing Pizza Hut after the company fired a driver who used his personal firearm to shoot a robber who had put a gun to the same delivery guy's head.

There were a number of comments from Uncle's readers. One such reader noted that he recently discussed the case in an adult education class in Des Moines, Iowa. Mind you, I'm not faulting the guy who posted the comment, because he is just recounting the conversation he had with students. The stupid statement is what people in his class told him. He said:

"The mostly female, liberal group thought Pizza Hut was right, for all the stupid reasons unarmed people usually do. Too dangerous, why did he have to shoot multiple times, etc, etc. But here’s the strange part. They all agreed that if the crook has shot and killed an unarmed Pizza Hut delivery driver, the driver’s family should sue Pizza Hut because the driver was not protected."

Huh? Were they even listening to what they said?


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