25 April 2008

New York Spends $30M On Ballistics ID System And Doesn't Convict Anyone

"Last week, we told you about a push in the state legislature to make semiautomatic weapons sold in New York capable of microstamping ammunition. Some gun advocates point out that the state already has a system in place to trace spent shell casings and that system doesn't work. New York's seven-year-old database is called COBIS which stands for Combined Ballistic Identification System. Since police began implementing the system in 2001, the database of gun markings has been used in just two criminal cases but neither one of those resulted in a conviction."

Still, New York State Police say one day the COBIS system will pay off.

Perhaps, but at what price? The nanny state has always believed it could spend our money and create utopia.

All they do is spend money . . .

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