28 April 2008

The UN Conundrum With Respect To Firearms

Updated: Monday, April 28, 2008, 10:28 am -- News of the day becomes more of a concern, this time out of Zimbabwe. And yet once again the UN is busy worrying about the fact that American civilians own firearms?

Let me get this straight . . .

The United Nations has been going out of its way to pass "disarmament" resolutions, including some that would require signatory nations (such as the United States) to drastically restrict firearms rights of citizens. In some parts of the world, this policy has been deadly.

But . . . the same agency has been covering up that its troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been giving arms to militias (and smuggling gold and ivory).

From the BBC:

"The allegations, based on confidential UN sources, involve Pakistani and Indian troops working as peacekeepers. The UN investigated some of the claims in 2007, but said it could not substantiate claims of arms dealing. UN insiders told the BBC's Panorama they had been prevented from pursuing their inquiries for political reasons."

Interesting. And sad. That an organization with such lofty goals at its founding has disintegrated into a world body that tries to prop up dictatorships, but quietly -- and sometimes openly -- attacks nations that look out for individual rights and have given so much to the world.

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