21 April 2008

Schumer A Hero of Conservation? He Won't Be Once He Has Your Guns!

Field & Stream magazine, which I have enjoyed reading for many years, has in its pages each month a section called "heroes and villains." For some reason I have let my subscription lapse, so it was with great anticipation that I was able to thumb through some back issues of the magazine while having new tires put on the Cherokee over the weekend.

Recently -- inexplicably -- the magazine called Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York one of its heroes of conservation for his support in the past year a number of conservation initiatives. Now, keep in mind, one of his biggest supporters is the left-of-center League of Conservation Voters, populated mostly by greenie-weenies. It is not so much an organization about the outdoors and conservation policy, as it is about preservation policy, railing against oil companies, and advocating for extreme climate change policy.

(Actually, if LCV is against big oil, someone should tell them about the many advantages of outdoor, wood-fired boilers, and see if they will support such "no oil/no gas" initiatives. But then they would likely find fault with that, too.....)

Nevertheless, somone nominated Sen. Schumer for this "hero" designation in Field & Stream. My advice to those outdoors people who feel the senior senator from New York is such a hero -- he won't be (particularly to hunters) once he takes your firearms away. For someone who says he wants to support conservation, his words do not necessarily translate into "I want to support hunting."

He is one of the key movers and shakers behind dangerous gun control legislation in the United States Senate. And he is unabashadly bold and upfront about his intent.

Frankly, he can say he supports animals and fish, and perhaps even the culture of our outdoors. But an extreme record on gun control, registration and confiscation merits consideration when debating whether to bestow a Field & Stream "hero" moniker on anyone.

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Anonymous said...

i read this and promptly forgot about it. thank you for reminding me of thier hypocracy