18 April 2008

Ridiculous Panic At Ohio State Forces ROTC To Put Fake Rifles Out Of Site

Panic by the uninformed, and apparently the uneducated, on one of America's greatest college campuses, is causing change.

"Ohio State University's ROTC cadets have ended the decades-long practice of combat training with mock rifles on the main campus because of public edginess in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, officials said.

"Since the decision was made a couple of weeks ago, tactical training with rubber replicas of an M-16 rifle has been moved indoors, or cadets have trained without rifles, said Navy Capt. Steven Noce, who heads the university's ROTC program.

"Officials initially responded to concerns by changing the mock rifles -- which the ROTC calls "rubber ducks" -- from black to blue or orange, Noce said. But they were still too realistic in certain light, he said."

"Those kids have been drilling with those things for decades," said Charles Smith, a political-science academic adviser who heard about the decision from an ROTC student he knows. "They were making them point their fingers, and apparently one picked up a stick."
Because the ROTC students train in battle-dress uniforms, "it's real obvious who these people are," Smith said."

I'm just shaking my head, and really don't know how to comment on this one.

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