25 April 2008

Voice of America Telling the World About Advances In Smart Gun Technology

First off, what is the Voice of America doing channeling gun controllers? And why is this taxpayer funded organization spreading the word about a tool that ultimately, if mandated, will result in fewer Americans having an effective tool that everyone in the family can use to defend themselves? Of course, many would call these technology toys "gun control's future." The sad fact is that those organizations who wish to push "smart gun" technology upon America are not trying to save children. That's their cover story. It's about requiring that only the most expensive handguns be permitted for says, thereby further reducing the number of firearms owners, because not everyone would be able to afford such an expensive toy. Let's call it what it is. Smart gun initiatives are a wolf in sheep's clothign.

Back to the VOA story. There is another problem. As the editors at keepandbeararms.com so eloquently point out, the inflated figure of "9 children a day" can only be reached by including "children" up to age 19. The average of accidental gun deaths among actual children (up to 13) over the last 7 years is one every 6 days. 59 a year is still too many, but it is a far cry from "9 a day."

Hmmm . . .

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