30 April 2008

Dial 911 and . . . Wait

Two separate incidents -- one where a 911 operator in Columbus, Ohio treats a store owner like he's the bad guy, when in reality the retailer is confronting a criminal in his store after hours. And the police don't get there for some time over jurisdictional issues. The second incident . . . well, let's just say the 911 dispatcher's office in Memphis, Tenn. should let their employees get more rest -- just not on the job!

The first incident has me in an uproar for several reasons. Initially, the 911 dispatcher's questions to the retailer whether he has a permit for his gun. What the hell is that about? There is no permit for a gun required in Ohio. Just a license if you practice concealed carry (CCW). Message to Columbus Police: TRAIN YOUR DISPATCHERS IN THE LAW. Clearly in this case, the dispatcher has been watching waaaaay too much Law and Order or CSI on television.

The second incident is lawsuit material. Oh, but wait. If anything had happened to the victim, her family cannot sue the Memphis police. Remember, under court precedent, police agencies have no "duty" to protect any of us.

If you've never read the best-selling book, "Dial 911 and Die," you should. It gives far more harrowing stories than the two pointed out here.


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