21 April 2008

"Preference Falsification"

Eugene Volokh has penned an interesting piece regarding "preference falsification," meaning that a certain practice, if not viewed positively by society, is intentionally undereported.

"I Knew Nobody Who Owned a Gun": I've often heard this line in various
forms, most recently in a
WallStreet Journal article that's generally sympathetic to gun owners: "Growing up in Seattle, I knew nobody who owned a gun." The striking thing is that this statement is almost certainly false: I strongly suspect that anyone growing up even in a very insular corner of Seattle did know people who owned guns. He just didn't know that he knew them, because they weren't telling, and one of the reasons they weren't telling was precisely the casual assumption that of course no one in their circle would ever do such a thing."

You get the idea. Nice piece.

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