22 April 2008

In Chicago, Home of Mass Killings and Useless Gun Control, A Reporter Asks A Question

His question? Where are the gun controllers?

"I've written several posts and column items recently on the issue of gun control -- the most recent one asking for ideas from both sides about compromises that gun-rights people and gun-ban people might be able to live with. And each time it has struck me how tiny, uninspired and vague the response has been from those who favor new laws to try to keep guns out of the hand of evildoers."

Mr. Zorn of the Chicago Tribune continues that he may shut down his online forum to talk about gun control if more gun control backers do not join the fray. Actually, here is how he phrased it:

"If gun-control advocates don't want to or can't join the conversation here, I'm prepared to shut it down as the futile exercise it may well be."

Yes, Mr. Zorn, the shrill rhetoric about gun control is falling on increasingly deaf ears. Because the doom and gloom scenarios are just so much talk. Gun controllers used to sound like some sci-fi TV show, the Borg from Star Trek repeatedly sounding the "Resistance Is Futile" warning. In reality, you expected no resistance because people would blindly follow the gun control's extreme policies. But self defense activists know their statistics. Facts are on their side. And grandmothers and moms and parents want the option to be able to defend themselves. They are tired of being prey, and tired of being lied to that gun control will keep their children safe.

Chicago is a beautiful city. One of my favorite. But it is a dangerous place because gun control has helped create an environment where the law abiding have no rights to defend themselves. The basic human right of self defense is not just ignored, but spat upon by Chicago politicos.

"Downstate Illinois" knows this. When will Mayor Daley, and his buddies, finally admit it?

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