21 April 2008

News From Illinois, Pennsylvania

In Illinois, just last week Chicago Mayor Daley suffered a setback, when a key piece of his anti-gun legislative package failed. Some wags are suggesting that he may have reached the end of what he can accomplish with Illinois gun control.

I'm not so sure. With a rash of shootings over the weekend in Chicago, Daley and his cronies may use this as fodder for a new round of discussions, when the reality is that the shootings represent his sorely failed policies.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, site of a hotly contested presidential primary -- with gun rights as a centerpiece of conversation among voters -- the actions by Philadelphia Mayor Nutter to pass a raft of extreme gun control bills in violation of state law took another turn in the past few days. The National Rifle Association has asked a judge to issue a restraining order blocking implementation of Nutter and Philadelphia City Council's illegal gun laws.

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