22 April 2008

PA: "Shameless Example of Ignoring Law'

An excellent opinion piece in today's Philadelphia Inquirer from Daniel Pehrson, president of the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association, regarding the ordinances passed by Philadelphia's City Council in blatant disregard for Pennsylvania state law.

Here's an excerpt:

"When the chief law-enforcement officer so shamelessly encourages city leaders to pretend they didn't hear legal advice from other officials, advice that could save thousands in taxpayer funds for litigation, it's time to question if he really has the best interest of the city in mind. Lawful gun owners are not the problem, and our city leaders know it. They are in a better position than most to see the justice system turning criminals out to the streets, rather than putting them in prison. To solve the crime problems in Philadelphia and in other communities, leaders must be willing to embrace the rule of law, not blatantly sacrifice it for political points."

I understand that a certain pair of firearms bloggers I read pretty regularly helped in drafting and submitting this piece. To them I say "nicely written!"

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