25 April 2008

People Aren't Going To Prison, and It's The Gun's Fault? Are They Serious?

It's the "gun's fault" that people aren't going to prison over shootings in Chicago? Are they serious? That's what my colleague Bruce Krafft asks. And its a good question.

These politicians and society controllers are ignoring root problems in these communities and trying to go after the lowest hanging fruit, as we say in the business world.

The panacea -- the world will be a better place without guns. Chicago has some of the toughest gun control in the nation, and people are getting killed left and right. Because the criminals don't pay attention and don't give a damn about the law. But that isn't stopping Chicago aldermen from traveling to Illinois' state capitol to lobby for more restrictions on constitutional rights.

What they should be doing, if they want people to go to prison, is to lobby for tougher sentencing. Period.

Innocent people, law abiding people, and children get killed because honest taxpayers have their hands tied by Daley and his cronies. Folks, "common sense" gun laws are laws that give people a choice to own a gun, or not. They are NOT laws that take away the means of the basic human right of self defense.

Sheesh . . .

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