23 April 2008

HSUS Grooming Youthful Anti-Hunting Activists

The nation’s biggest anti-hunting organization has launched a new tool in its attempt to recruit young people.The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently launched a free online service learning program -- "Humane High School" -- aimed at middle- and high-school students.

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance has some detail. Here is some info from the HSUS website promoting Humane High School:

"Humane High School connects academic instruction to a student's real life experiences," said Stephanie Clark, Humane High School principal and manager of
outreach and training for Humane Society Youth, The HSUS's youth education
division. "It asks students to think critically about issues affecting animals and provides action steps to reinforce learning, such as writing a letter to an elected official. All the while, students are combating cruelty in their communities, and learning valuable skills that can be used in internships and in the workforce."

Most people will look at this and believe (as a good friend of mine might say) "this is about making sure that kids don't poke puppies in the eyes with sticks." In reality, HSUS has been pushing these types of programs for years as part of its long-running anti-hunting campaign.

Humane High School is yet but another tool in its anti-hunting bag of tricks. Developing . . .

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