17 April 2008

Sportsmen, Candidates, Lawmakers Converge at Ohio Event

Tuesday night, I had the privilege of attending a reception for candidates, lawmakers and sportsmen, sponsored by the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance.

This annual event drew hundreds of people from shooting and hunting clubs, to firearms rights advocates, to lawmakers, to newly minted candidates for office, from all over the Buckeye State. Co-sponsored by the Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Republican Party, it was truly a mix of people who love the outdoors and are passionate about protecting the right to shoot, the right to hunt, the right to use sporting dogs, and the right to continue to be good stewards of the land.

I had not heard Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Sean Logan speak before, and though his presentation was a bit stilted (he had about 2 minutes notice that he was to lead off and do some introductions), his passion for the outdoors came through.

I saw some familiar faces from the Ohio General Assembly. Like state Sen. Steve Stivers, who is now running for Congress in the Ohio 15. And state Rep. Jim Hughes, from Ohio's 22nd house district, who is running for the Ohio Senate 16th district. Former Ohio Div. of Wildlife Chief Steve Gray was there. State Rep. Chris Redfern, who hails from the western basin area of Lake Erie, the home of some of the best walleye fishing in the world, was front and center.

I bumped into some people I know and respect from various advocacy organizations, like Peoples Rights Organization (with which I am affiliated), Buckeye Firearms Association and the Ohio State Trappers Association.

And I met some new folks who are running for state office and for congressional seats in different parts of the state. Like Dave Potter, who is running for the Ohio 13th congressional seat, located mostly in the Medina and Lorain areas of northeast Ohio.

This was a great event, and one that each year goes far to remind lawmakers that the sporting community is serious and passionate . . . and votes.


Anonymous said...

ITs so interesting to me that you are so concerned with gun rights. We once had a free-wheeling, shoot em up, carry your gun and kill when you want society -- it was called the Wild West. And that worked out so well.

Brent Greer said...

A- Thank you for writing. But . . . how do I start, you need to read up on your history. The Wild West was not a shoot at everything society...that is a product of the American movie industry. Western towns were actually quite peaceful and rarely were there problems BECAUSE people were armed. You knew that to accost someone meant you might pay the price. As the old saying goes, "an armed society is a polite society."