18 April 2008

Waving The Bloody Shirt

"One of the least attractive features of the anti-gun movement and its cheerleaders in the press is their ghoulish exploitation of murder to advance their own political ends. Amanda Ripley of Time is using the Virginia Tech dead as a platform upon which to stand and repeat her tired argument for truncating Americans' Second Amendment rights. It's an altogether unimpressive performance from the not-especially-talented Miss Ripley, and the worst of it is trotting out the myth that a magical "loophole" exempts firearms sales at gun shows from background checks and other restrictions.

"As has been documented extensively enough that even a Time journalist ought to be familiar with the facts, the sale of a firearm is regulated in exactly the same manner whether it takes place at a gun show or in some other venue. Sales at gun shows are not given any special exemption; sales by people who are not gun dealers are. If my brother-in-law decides he admires my duck gun and wants to buy it from me, I am not obliged to do the things a gun dealer does before making a sale—because I am not a gun dealer."

A great piece from National Review.

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