21 April 2008

Government Knows Whats Good For You?

Not firearms related, but worth noting. To combat rising energy costs, many people are turning to wood-fired boilers. And the do-gooders are coming out in force to complain.

What is very disturbing is that these devices are the perfect solution when more and more people say this nation should reduce its dependence on foreign oil. So a solution IS found, and government says this is not palatable, either. Note that Maryland has banned outdoor boilers, and Suffolk County, N.Y. permits them only in case of a natural disaster.

Sad, very sad.


Anonymous said...

In Los Angeles County, the smog police have passed a regulation that no new homes can be built with wood burning fireplaces and that such homes that still have them cannot use them on certain days if the pollution numbers are too high.

This is supposed to save 5000 lives annually.

However, the brave men and women who took this step delayed effectivity until 2011, effectively allowing up to 15,000 needless deaths.

Or evading the incoming fire that will hit the new board when people realize what has been done to them.

What people do when they think there are no comebacks, when no one sees them, are a better insight to their souls than any other.

Brent Greer said...

Harry....I could not have said it better myself! You hit the nail on the head!