27 April 2008

Obama Finally Speaks Out On Chicago Violence

Sen. Barack Obama has finally spoken out regarding the recent spike in violence affecting Chicago, the city in which he spent his early political career. Chicago's many gun prohibitions keep firearms out of the hands of honest taxpayers who only want to protect themselves, and leave guns in the hands of some of the nation's most violent criminals.

Here is what Sen. Obama had to say, in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, while on the presidential campaign trail:

"Obama said elected officials can help by restoring federal funding to put more
police on the street and passing more gun-control legislation, such as better background checks for gun purchasers. But laws alone can't change things -- some
parents have to get more involved in their children's lives, he said. "Children have to be taught right and wrong, and violence isn't a way to resolve problems," Obama said. "Kids have to be kept off the streets at night. A lot of these kids, unfortunately, they might not have parents at home who are helping to give them guidance."

Sen. Obama, more cops on the beat is not a bad thing. But the next statement is purely feel good political blather -- code -- to tell your constitutents that you are "doing something" about "the gun problem." The real problem is what you finally address later, kids not being taught right from wrong.

Do something about that, and reinforcing it, and having their families reinforce it, will do far more than another useless law that won't be enforced anyway. The gun bans Chicago has in place now are getting honest women and children killed.

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